2014 Honorary Chairman Announced

by Ryan Parnell on March 23, 2014

We are very excited to introduce you to our 2014 Honorary Chairman.  Dr. Richard High was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2009.  During his aggressive treatment, Dr. High was near death.  On day 14, he

felt a wave of comfort from above.  “Things changed.  My attitude changed.  I knew I was going to get through that day and I was going to win.  Thousands of people were praying for me – people who didn’t even know me.”  Dr. High said that’s when he began to feel “fearless”. 

Dr High understands the importance of a Survivorship Clinic from his experience as well as being a caregiver during his wife’s (Becky) previous battle with Breast Cancer.  Will you join us in supporting our endeavour of funding the Survivorship Clinic at Harrington Cancer Center?

Please watch Dr. Richard High’s uplifting story HERE