Important Light Info for 24:00

by Ryan Parnell on April 2, 2018

Since 2010, we’ve been able to have a light vendor on site for rentals & sales of high-quality lights.  Unfortunately, this year we will not have anyone available to provide this service.  Actually, almost every light vendor has quit providing this service at events.  While this is an unfortunate situation, this is a great opportunity for you to visit your local bike shop and make a purchase thru them.   They should be able to help you find something that will put out enough light for 24 Hours in the Canyon at a very reasonable price point.  Please remember that you need a white headlight & a red “blinky” taillight to ride at night during 24 Hours in the Canyon.

We will have neutral charging stations available in both Chinaberry & Juniper for you to keep those lights charged.