2015 Ghostrider Shirt Unveiled

by Ryan Parnell on January 12, 2015

So, what exactly is a Ghostrider?  Being a Ghostrider is a way for someone to contribute to 24 Hours in the Canyon, help us reach our goal, & never pedal a bike.  Maybe you don’t ride bikes, someone is graduating from school, or a family member went and scheduled a wedding without asking you first.  These conflicts shouldn’t keep you completely out of 24:00.  Friend, you just became a Ghostrider!  Once you register, we’ll mail you this great looking t-shirt – sponsored by Bell Helicopter.  Also, you’re still eligible to earn this year’s fundraising incentives (found HERE).  When you register, you’ll have access to an online fundraising page where you can collect donations.  After the event, we’ll mail you your incentives that you earned.