New Survivorship Program at Don & Sybil Harrington Cancer Center

by admin on March 6, 2013


The proceeds from 24 Hours in the Canyon road and mountain bike event will help establish a new Survivorship Program at The Don & Sybil Harrington Cancer Center. This program will be provided to cancer survivors free of charge.Cancer and its treatment can have long-lasting or late-onset effects on a person’s body. The Harrington Cancer Center is dedicated to helping cancer survivors live their lives to the fullest after treatment. While we anticipate that most cancer survivors will lead healthy, active lives, some may develop problems as a result of their past diagnosis and therapy.A Survivorship Program monitors for signs of cancer recurrence and focuses on lessening any long- term and late effects associated with cancer and its treatment. The program will include a nurse practitioner who is a specialist in the care of cancer survivors. The nurse practitioner, along with the patient’s physician, will provide mentorship and guidance.A follow-up visit with a nurse practitioner typically includes the following:

  • Review of patient’s recent medical history and a physical examination
  • Treatment summary and follow-up care plan
  • Identification and management of the effects of cancer and its treatment
  • Screening referrals for other cancers
  • Health promotion recommendations related to nutrition, exercise and smoking cessation
  • Consultation with physician as needed
Supportive Care ServicesHarrington Cancer Center provides its supportive care services to their patients free of charge. These services include a Registered Dietitian, a Licensed Professional Counselor and two social workers. One component that is needed is the added emphasis on survivorship.Survivorship Programs are a growing trend in caring for patients. In fact, many such programs across the country have proven to be a vital part in caring for the patient during and after their cancer experience.Half of all women and one-third of all men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. With the progress that has been made in screening, cancers are being caught earlier, which leads to better

outcomes. This is increasing the number of survivors in the Amarillo region.

The great benefit of Survivorship Programs is in improving the quality of life of the people who have survived.