Top 10 Moments from 2014

by Ryan Parnell on December 30, 2014

WOW, what a year!  As we close out 2014, join us as we take a look at our Top 10 images of the year.Media Challenge

10. Andy Justus & Jackie Kingston win the Inaugural Media Challenge Relay – Well deserved trophy!

kids race

9. Record number of kids on bikes!  This never gets old and is simply the best way to start off 24:00.

Joe Taco

8. Joe Taco partnered with 24:00 to host a Cancer Sucks night.  Not only did Velvet Funk rock the patio, but over 30 people paid to have their head shaved!


7. A record number of trophies were awarded this year resulting in 36 new course records being set.  The bar has been set high if you want to be a record holder at 24:00!


6. Joe Chris Rodriguez finishes the Hill Climb Challenge in 26:00:00 on his hand cycle!  Joe Chris is a USAF wounded warrior, has his own charity (One Chair at a Time), & is a regular 24:00 participant.


5. New this year was the Slicks & Knobbies category – Start with 100 miles on your road bike outside of Palo Duro Canyon, then finish the rest of 24:00 on your mountain bike inside the canyon.  One of the S&K racers was quoted as saying “That was by far the toughest race I have ever been a part of.”  Oscar Ostos celebrates upon finding out he finished in 1st Place!

Top Fundraisers

4. The theme of records played out with our top fundraisers.  Our record setting podium of winners raised over $12,000!  1st – Taylor-Ann Hathcock, 2nd – Kerry Smith, 3rd – Alan White (Not Pictured)

Dr High 2

3.  The 2014 Honorary Chairman was cancer survivior Dr. Richard High.  Dr High has an amazing story you can see HERE.  Prior to the start of 24:00, Dr. High was reunited with his (completely re-built) bike that he rode to & from class during medical school.  Dr. High had previously given this treasure away & was completely surprised!

Sponsors copy

2. Another record for 2014 was the long & distinguished list of sponsors.  These are the folks who make 24:00 happen.  THANK YOU to everyone who is on this banner!

Check Presentation copy

 1. The final record of 2014 was the $190,000.00 donated to further fund the cancer survivorship clinic that 24:00 founded in 2013.  What an amazing 2014 & we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store!