Trail / Park Update

by Ryan Parnell on May 25, 2015

WOW!  What a weekend of weather… I know that you have concerns & are anxiously awaiting a current update – I write this after having just returned from visiting the park & scouting the campgrounds & road.  Hopefully this will help ease your minds as much as it has mine. 

1. The park was closed for a period of time on Saturday due to rock slides on the road – they are cleared & it is open.
2. The trails were closed today in an attempt to keep people from tearing them up – This is MAJOR Progress for the park but that’s story for another time.
3. Many of you have seen the aerial video that was taken shortly after the rains ended on Saturday. You would be shocked what an aerial video would look like today, as almost all the water has receded and the trails have begun to dry out.
4. The road is still closed in the water crossing 3, 4, & 5 areas due to silt & water. I spoke to the Park Police this evening & their plan is to have TxDOT come out & clear it later this week. Other than this area, the road is completely clear. The bridges at 1,2, & 6 are doing their job (& there should be bridges over 3, 4, & 5 for 2016).
5. Our team of trails stewards will be spending the day Monday in the park trying to aid in the drying process & do trail repair.
6. I am getting regular weather updates from chief meteorologist John Harris from the NBC and Fox affiliate here.
7. Our plan is to make a final decision about the event by Wednesday of this week so that you can make travel plans accordingly.
8. We will list route changes (if any) on Wednesday as well.

We are going to do everything we can to make sure 24:00 happens!