Why I Ride

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Geoff Hall
My bike is my sanity, my escape from the world\'s problems. When I ride, it\'s me vs me. I push myself every ride, every climb. Instead taking pills, I take hills. I ride because it\'s my drug! -Goof
Price Miller
I ride because after a long stressful week at work it is the best way for me to unwind. I love being outside, and riding my bike is the best way for me to experience the most of it. There is nothing better than being totally wiped after a successful day.
Jason Morton
I ride as a proud 4 year survivor of Stage 3 Testicular Cancer!!! I ride to inspire those currently in treatment that you can beat cancer!!!
Brent Stater
It\'s the freedom feeling of your own power to move your self down the road or trails.
Adam Lilly
I\'m riding in 24 Hours In The Canyon to challenge myself mentally and physically. I am also trying to raise 1000 dollars for breast cancer.
I ride to enjoy the comradery of the cycling community.
Leslie Hathcock
Limations - there is nothing like the open wilderness the effort into stay strong and helping those that have been told there is limations on a time frame their health or coverage - basically fighting the fight to say there is no limations, your open and free to ride or walk or just enjoy your day!
Keith E. Smith
I ride for my wife who is battling breast cancer.
Andrew Mueller
I ride to help those who need it. It\'s a small token to show I care.
Star Stater
So many reasons why but a picture is worth a thousand words----- the names on the banner are names we collected last year of people we knew that had family and friends
Chris Osborne
I ride because I\'m thankful that cancer has not afflicted my family.
Mainly it is my time to grow closer to a Christian brother. We challenge each other spiritually on our way to and from PDC. Plus, we get to p
Cait Ryan
I raced my first mountain bike race this past september in Palo Duro. That race was a big step for me, since I had only really begun riding on trails in July, and since January I had lost 40lbs. That same weekend of the Pain on the Plains race, my grandmother (whom I am very close to) was diagnosed
Joe Kautz
I started riding to stay healthy after my first battle with cancer. Now I ride because I love it.......and to stay healthy.
Liz Daves
To challenge myself mentally as well as physically .
Lisa Norris
I am riding in memory of my grandfather, who built me my first bike from an old frame he found in the trash. It is because of him that I developed the love of peddling. My grandfather passed away from bladder cancer.
Clint Gray
I ride to give my two young sons a living example of a healthy lifestyle. I want my children to understand the importance of setting goals. I want my children to choose a life of health and happiness.